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Joe Veloski
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Joe Veloski's bicycle care and repair shop

Joe at work

Our service

At home, on the road or at work

Your day, your time and your place

Best methods, best tools

Guaranteed satisfaction policy

Our area

Based in Shefford, our mobile shop rolls within the Granby, Cowansville, Bromont, Waterloo et Lac Brome area to meet you and repair or do the maintenance on your bike

Proud partner of Sports aux Puces VéloGare in Granby

Needing Joe's help for your bike(s)?
1. Book an appointment

Use our online system to book your bike care or repair session, it only takes 2 minutes. You can also send us a text message or call us at 450-522-7252. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

2. The shop rolls to the location of your choice 

At the date and time that you've picked in our calendar, the shop goes meet you at home, at work or on the road. We will then inspect your bike together and confirm the nature and size of the work to be accomplished.

3. We do the work

Whenever possible, the work is done onsite and you are welcome. Else, the shop will come back deliver your bike once fully adjusted or repaired within the following hours, always with your approval and without any further charge.

4. You try it

We ensure that the work performed works well with the rider riding the bike. You will be asked to try your bike to valide that our work meets your expectations. Unless specified otherwise, our work is guaranteed for 30 days.

5. You pay

You can pay cash, with debit or with credit cards, with a choice of electronic or paper receipt. We will also give you a written report on the work performed, which is exclusive to Joe Véloski.

"Small" 50$ (~60-90m)
  • Inspect the bike

  • Check security aspects

  • Adjust the brakes

  • Adjust the derailleurs (basic)

  • Adjust the hubs, bottom bracket and headset

  • Check and inflate the tires

  • Check chain wear

  • Lube the chain

  • Deliver written report and recommendations (exclusive)

"Medium" 80$ (~2h)
"Large" 180$ (3-4h)
  • All elements from the "medium" plus ...

  • Clean the transmission (cassette, chain, derailleurs, rings)

  • Lube and adjust the hubs

  • Lube and adjust the bottom bracket

  • Lube and adjust the headset

  • Clean the brake system

Services & tune-ups
Parts et taxes not included
  • All elements from the "small" plus ...

  • Adjust the derailleurs (sharp)

  • Clean the bike

  • Clean the braking surfaces

  • Lube pulleys and pivots

  • Lube brake and shifting cables

  • Align the two wheels

Leaders, offer an advantage to your employees

We can help you augment your employee and work-life balance programs by offering our bike care and repair services to your employees.

Two main approaches are possible:

1. Select a corporate day for the Joe Veloski shop to come to your enterprise while your employees bring their bicycle for service

2. Your employees reserve with us according to their location of choice and their schedule and they benefit from an enterprise discount

Contact us for more details

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